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  • Children learn best in a safe, secure environment, filled with learning opportunities
  • Children learn best when they are happy, listened to and feel that adults value their ideas and suggestions
  • Learning should be child-centred, with children encouraged in their creativity and given the opportunity to explore and discover for themselves
  • Each child that comes to Godson has special gifts, which should be nurtured and incorporated into lessons to benefit others, leading to a community of learners
  • Students should be given the opportunity to develop their full potential through a comprehensive Curriculum that recognizes different learning styles.
  • Preparing your child for life in the 21st century as well as achieving an academic excellence.


Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is to develop the individual talents of our students through knowledge, skills and understanding while encouraging them to be inquisitive and resilient in dealing with change in order to confront the world of tomorrow with confidence and self-esteem. The mission of Godson School is to provide a demanding quality education that will motivate students to become responsible and effective citizens.

Our students learn to relate the experience of the classroom to the realities of the external world outside by focusing on a combination of academic, personal and extra-curricular activities where they enjoy their learning, develop enquiring minds and work on the personal qualities that make them responsible citizens of our world. We believe in learning through structured purposeful inquiry. The school sees every child as an individual and recognises that children learn differently, and at different paces. Our hands-on approach is clearly expressed in the Chinese proverb: “When I hear, I forget. When I see, I remember. When I do, I understand.”

The Goals of Godson are:

  • Helping children to feel confident and develop good relationships with everyone.
  • Supporting children in developing personal pride, self control and positive attitudes.
  • Encouraging children to question and solve problems through observation and experimentation.
  • Promoting the development of fine and gross motor skills through fun and active play.
  • Nurturing children’s creativity and imagination in a positive learning environment.
  • Our children look forward to a school which is how it should be: a joy in exploring knowledge, and not a drudgery of memorizing facts.

Aim of the School

Our aim is empowering students with a global and local perspective. We encourage our students to develop their individuality and entrepreneurial spirit in order to discover their potential. Our educational programmes help students to become flexible thinkers who are able to question conventional thinking, adapt and meet the demands of the future through their creativity. Supported by a well-resourced library and computer facilities including SMART CLASS, students are encouraged to explore and develop their natural abilities and talents. All students are assessed with high academic expectations and their progress is monitored and evaluated continuously. The school campus provides the highest standards of safety and security. Whenever a student gets hurt, immediate medical attention is provided and if special medical aid is required, emergency transport is available to take the student to the hospital. We are constantly evaluating ourselves to ensure that our school is living up to its full potential and providing the best possible education for our students.